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Bar Moruno elevates its scene by adding its unique touch to an interpretation of Spanish dining; located on the iconic Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake. The restaurant is a Spanish influence concept that not only shows in their menu, but also in their interior design.


Wise Living had the pleasure of working with Bar Moruno in handcrafting some new designs for the restaurant, as well as repurposing some existing table tops and transforming them into a new look, all while being sustainable. 


We manufactured a dining table out of solid walnut that is placed in their private dining room paired with some upholstered dining chairs that we also had the pleasure of making. The dining table consists of two leafs with a finish that really emphasizes the natural beauty of walnut. The dining chairs that are paired with the table take a rounded upholstered back and a tight seat with detailed stitching about 3 inches above the edge. The stitching detail sounds simple, but it adds to the shape of the seat which compliments the rounded "U" shape upholstered back.


In the main dining area, you’ll see the recreated oak table tops that were constructed from a simple square shape into larger dining tables.  Wise Living also crafted booths that sit one person on each side, made of walnut and upholstered with a burnt orange fabric. The booths are attached to a wall divider on the opposite side of the bar giving a traditional dining experience while still being close enough to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar.


Bar Moruno, 3705 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

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