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Furniture made of wood and other raw materials requires some special care. Wood is a part of our ecosystem, so like us, it reacts to different temperatures and how you handle it. Each piece of wood also has its own characteristics that make each piece different from one another, even coming from the same tree. To conceal the furniture's original form we recommend following the care instructions and using coasters to avoid water marks and rings.


  1. Wipe down the casegood surface with a lint-free cloth. 

    2. Spray an all-natural multi-purpose cleaner onto your towelette, avoid directly spraying the furniture, and wipe                going the direction of the grain. DO NOT use alcohol-based cleaners.



  • Trader Joe’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner Cedarwood & Sage 

  • Method Daily Wood Cleaner 

  • Meyers Clean Day Multi-Purpose Cleaner


     3. Once your furniture is cleaned up, polish your wood by applying a wood oil or polish to a towelette and firmly             wipe the surface along the grain of the wood.



  •  Method Wood Polish 

  • The Original Bee's Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish


We recommend cleaning your furniture once a week or as needed to keep your furniture looking like it was just delivered yesterday.

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