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Natural And Repurposed Woods,  Accompanied by Solid Custom Metals

We offer a wide selection of wood and metal swatches for you to choose from. These swatches are perfect for custom pieces and can be easily integrated into any new or existing design. Our collections are designed through years of working with top designers, carefully selected to ensure that we offer quality materials to feel and envision your newest designs.

Wood Collection

Curated and hand picked from designers we've worked with from past projects. These are our favorites we've created over the years; pulled to create for our first personal collection.

Metal Collection

A selection of fine metals picked to pair well with any project.  

Custom Samples 

Made To Order

Custom samples are made to order and matched to your liking, whether it is wood, metal, or glass. To send a sample to be matched, a quote must be approved and in the process of becoming a purchase order. Request a quote today, and we'll send you pricing within 4 business days. 

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