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A dining experience overlooking the 18th green at this Richard Blais steakhouse...of sorts. A collaboration with an acclaimed chef and television personality offers delectable steaks and fresh seafood dishes, served in a casual, vintage clubhouse setting located at the signature Arnold Palmer. 

Wise Living had the pleasure of handcrafting some of their custom-designed pieces used to fill the restaurant, they were tasked with crafting custom booths, a hostess stand, seating, and dining tables. . Using restaurant-grade materials and custom-matched finishes, they were able to collaborate and build pieces that perfectly fit the restaurant's aesthetic and needs. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is reflected in each piece they create, making them the go-to source for custom hospitality furniture.

EMBER & RYE,7447 Batiquitos Drive, Carlsbad.

Interior Design Firm: Bray Whaler

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