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Discover one of our latest projects on La Brea Ave at Wonderbrett! Wonderbrett is an LA-based Cannabis Company that embraces their expertise through the rarity and quality of the flower they supply.  They provide a high end shopping experience by displaying their product in solid rift cut white oak cabinets with Starphire glass display cases all around their store.

Upon arrival, our selection of solid rift-cut white oak and antique brass are hard to miss! From up above where our antique brass LED lights shine, to what meets the eye through our Starphire Glass on the cabinets and shelves.  The Starphire glass allows for the best clarity to see Wonderbrett's product and the antique brass LED lights emphasizes the details.


Wise Living manufactured all of their cabinets and display cases and worked directly with their contractor and designer. We take pride in embracing the details that amplify the space and nourish the flow of Wonderbrett’s products for the ultimate dispensary experience. 

Wonderbrett Cannabis Store, 314 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

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