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We are excited to introduce our new line of carefully selected wood and metal samples. To secure your chance at one of our limited PR boxes, which includes our full collection plus free gifts, simply register with us. Be one of the first to experience our new line and start designing with ease. 


Our Mission

We bring an idea into existence through personal design and craftsmanship; encouraging innovation, creativity, & and sustainability.

Made in USA
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We offer a wide selection of wood and metal swatches for you to choose from. These swatches are perfect for custom pieces and can be easily integrated into any new or existing design. Our collections are designed through years of working with top designers, carefully selected to ensure that we offer quality materials to feel and envision your newest designs.

Wise Living is a family-owned furniture manufacturer. ​Pepe our founder was inspired by his brother Cisco, who was the eldest of 5. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles Cisco would take his teenage brother to work with him to "keep him out of trouble." His plan didn't work right away, but after moving him from a  couple of different schools and not giving up, Cisco was able to show Pepe that there's more to experience than what they were exposed to growing up. 


Pepe worked alongside his eldest brother as a production manager for his furniture company and in 2009, was given the opportunity to start his own company and open Wise Living.

The company operates out of South Central Los Angeles, their neighborhood since the 1980s. They chose to open up shop there to invest in their community and to spread opportunities. The motive behind Wise Living is to be a for-the-people company, ethically resourcing materials, being FSC certified ® for some of our lumbers, creating jobs for their neighbors, and genuinely crafting designs for the greater good.  


A family-owned furniture company looking to enhance the quality of life for everybody, one piece of furniture at a time.  

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 Sample Collection

Natural and Sustainable Woods,  Accompanied by Solid Metal Samples

Introducing Wise Livings's very own collection of wood and metal samples. Our collection was designed through years of working with top designers and carefully selecting the finest samples to ensure that we offer quality materials to feel and envision your designs. Our wood and metal samples can be easily integrated into any new or existing design. Launching this fall; register today to pre-order your sample box.

Outdoor Collection

Natural, durable, and sleek for your outdoor space. Each wood rich in character and build to astound a space the way our environment does.

Standard Collection

Popular and commonly used wood in custom furniture. Whether you're looking for low grain that emphasizes a stain, or a wood thats perfect for wire brush and showcasing texture.

Wise Collection

Standard Collection

Outdoor Collection

Exotic Collection

Imported from different parts of the world, these exotic woods are rich in natural color and have unique grain patterns.

Exotic Collection

Reclaimed Collection

Recycled and repurposed wood. Perfect for projects and pieces created to emphasize the importance of cautious thinking and sustainability