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Our Heritage

Wise Living is a family-owned furniture manufacturer. The craft at first was seen as a job, it was the job that his eldest brother had and made into a career, and it later became an opportunity for the youngest Pepe.

Our company was founded by the Pinedo family. Pepe our founder worked as a production manager for a furniture company and in 2009, was given the opportunity to start his own case good company. 

The company manufactures out of South Central Los Angeles, their neighborhood since the 1980’s. They chose to open up shop there to invest in their community, to become united and spread  opportunities. The motive behind Wise Living is to be a for the people company, ethically resourcing material, being FSC certified ® for some of our lumbers, creating jobs for our neighbors, and genuinely crafting designs for the greater good.  


A family-owned furniture company looking to enhance the quality of life for everybody, one  project and  piece at a time.  Working with a passion and a purpose for all.



The company was founded in 2009 in South Central, Los Angeles. The manufacturer started with producing wooden frames for upholstery. Our clientele in the start, were primarily private labels. From there, word of mouth landed the company custom projects for high end interior design firms and designers.

Our Los Angeles facility manufactures in a 25,000 sqft space with 6 full departments and two loading docks. Our team consists of 25 employees ranging from carpenters, seamstresses, and a project manager that specializes in furniture design. In 2018, we expanded to the east coast with a 30,000 sqft facility in High Point, North Carolina. With manufacturers on the each coast, they've been able to produce high volumes for projects across the country.

Aside from making high end furniture, they also value the importance of community and being environmentally cautious. Ethically source material, working with local carpenters and non profits to craft your designs into existence. 

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Family Photo Book

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